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We have recently started working with Green The UK to support the Blue Marine Foundation’s Kelp Restoration Project in Sussex. This project aims to replenish and conserve kelp forests along the Sussex coastline which are incredibly important for biodiversity and combating climate change.

Why are Kelp Forests Important?

These underwater forests support a huge range of marine life along our coastline and are vital in the battle against climate change. They are one of the most biodiverse environments on the planet giving a home to thousands of species and acting as nursery grounds for many commercial fish. Every single part of the kelp forests is used which supports the coastal marine life.

These underwater oases aren’t just crucial for the conservation of marine life, they’re also important in reducing climate change. As they reach up towards the sun, the fronds absorb huge amounts of carbon as they grow. The amount of carbon they draw down is around twice the amount of carbon that the UK emits per year! As a result, the kelp forests pump out lots of oxygen which oxygenate the water creating flourishing biodiversity for local wildlife.

What’s Changed?

Kelp forests once stretched 40 kilometres across the Sussex coastline, however, today 96% of Sussex’s kelp has gone with only pockets remaining. This is due to changing fishing practices which damaged the kelp’s habitat, and the dumping of sediment close to the shore reducing the amount of light that the kelp needs to grow.

In March 2021 the Nearshore Trawling Byelaw 2019 was approved which issued a ban on trawling in England in certain inshore areas, including along the coast of Sussex. This ban was put in place to allow the kelp to reverse the decline.

How We Are Helping

At 427 Marketing, we’re doing our part by supporting an exciting project to regenerate the kelp forests along the Sussex shoreline. With the help of Green The UK, we have donated to support 3 kelp survey sites and plan to support even more as we grow. Our donation will contribute to the research, monitoring and regrowth of kelp forests to protect marine species and sequester carbon.

The decision to support this incredible project is thanks to our managing director, Ade. As a local surfer in Sussex, the project resonates with him personally as well as on a larger environmental scale. As a team, we are passionate about the restoration of our kelp forests because of their huge impact on climate change and their ability to create a thriving biodiverse environment right off our shores.

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