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Skateboarding and skateparks are known to have negative connotations, which we, and many other parents, feel is a huge shame. That’s why we wanted to take part in the Hendra Park Skate Jam in Cornwall.

Hendra Skate Park is believed to be one of the best parks in the Southwest of England with an incredible range of jumps, pipes, and steps that are great for all skaters and riders. It attracts pro skaters from all around the country and is perfectly located near a convenience store and toilets making it the ideal spot for kids to meet friends.

Parents local to the park share the same view that skate parks offer a creative outlet for their kids where they can engage in a great form of exercise that also builds confidence and supports mental well-being. They, therefore, wanted to raise money to enhance the skate park making it more accessible to younger skaters and those just starting out.

The Skate Jam was a huge success with tonnes of people turning up to ride and skate, including parents! There were even pro skaters there that made the event extra special. 427 Marketing wanted to help make the day a big success, so we brought a range of prizes to give out throughout the day for people who did the best trick, most effort in nailing a trick and many more positive goals that everyone could join in on.

All of us at 427 Marketing love getting involved with local causes and will be involved in other skate projects including a new skate park being built in our managing director, Ade Holder’s, home village of Newick.

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