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Digital marketing also covers the use of social media via free use and paid advertising, it includes email marketing, blogging and more. Even within each of these forms of digital marketing there are many different techniques and methods and getting the best out of the digital world is not something most small to medium businesses are equipped to do. 427 offer the full range of digital marketing services to businesses across Sussex and the rest of the UK as well as globally. This could range from support in simple email marketing to planning and implementing an entire annual digital marketing strategy.

My business tried digital marketing and it didn't work

In this very digital world we live in most businesses have felt compelled at one time or another to “have a go” at some digital marketing. For most business this means setting up some social media accounts, adding a few posts about day to day happenings and then leaving the accounts to go fallow. For others it has involved attempting to “do some SEO” on their site for a few weeks and then continually Googling themselves to see that it made no difference.

Many businesses have spent money on Google Ads to varying degrees of success not really considering that all advice given by Google is likely to be geared towards Google making money and not them. Of course, there are lots of business across the UK that have done very well from digital marketing but as they have grown the amount of time they can spend on it seems to get smaller and the changes are harder to keep up with so help is very much needed and these situations as well as many others mean we can help! From helping you get digital marketing right to taking the workload over and also taking you to the next level.

What type of digital marketing is right for my business?

Digital marketing works…there is simply no doubt about it. It is measurable, it reaches almost ever sector of society and almost every person has some level of interaction with a digital channel. However, to make it work takes time, investment, and skill. Many initial experiences businesses have of digital marketing only involves one or two of these key ingredients.

Every business has specific needs, types of customers, challenges and aims so choosing the right type of digital marketing can be a huge challenge. The right type of marketing can also change throughout the year, with different products or services and even with changes in the market so businesses need to be able to call upon a wide range of skills to stay ahead. Below are some of the main types of digital marketing techniques 427 can offer.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a highly effective marketing solution that drives more relevant traffic and conversions into a website through Google and Bing search.

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Local SEO

Local SEO specifically focuses on getting your business ranking well on Google locally. This includes map listing, reviews and more.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now a very broad term and we can offer a range of marketing activities in the digital sphere.

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Link Building

We can offer agencies and businesses high quality links built from high authority, relevant sites to support a broader SEO campaign or for niche SEO requirements.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Detailed goal, event and conversion tracking, attribution models and analytics set ups along with report creation and presentation services for agencies and businesses.

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Web Design

We love to share our knowledge. We can deliver a range of SEO courses from beginner sessions to advanced technical SEO courses. Suitable for businesses, educational institutions and Agencies.

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Website Content & Blogging

Blogging is important! But many businesses struggle to get is done. We offer a high quality blog writing services including editing, writing and full service including upload.

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SEO Training & Courses

We love to share our knowledge. We can deliver a range of SEO courses from beginner sessions to advanced technical SEO courses. Suitable for businesses, educational institutions and Agencies.

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White Label Agency Services

We love to share our knowledge. We can deliver a range of SEO courses from beginner sessions to advanced technical SEO courses. Suitable for businesses, educational institutions and Agencies.

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Planning a campaign

One of the key factors in good digital marketing is good planning. A campaign, no matter how small, should be planned out properly. This includes setting a budget, setting aims and goals and also being aware of what the competition are doing. Simply throwing money at one channel or another without putting a limit on spend, assessing the competition and looking at what a good result actually is can be a very quick way to spend a lot and get very little. 427 can help build a plan and set measurable goals for your business so you spend what you can and you get back as much as possible.

I don't know what my budget should be?

Planning a marketing budget is a huge challenge for a lot of businesses and this is mainly because they have tried to engage in marketing without proper planning or in many cases the proper skill set. This means, in most cases, the return is simply not there or the correct measurements were not in place to calculate the return that was there. The business then either reduces the budget due to a poor return or continues to pump money into digital marketing because they feel they should be.

The marketing budget should be almost irrelevant because it should be something that comes back with profit on top! Things are not always that simple but it should be the starting point. A lot of digital marketing takes a great deal of time and initial investment and measuring things like increased brand awareness is very hard. However the goal should always be to decide on a budget the business can afford and work towards getting a larger return than the budget itself.

What can 427 do for my business?

427 can offer the full range of digital marketing services and this offers ranges from simple support and help with planning to taking the entire job out of your businesses and doing it all. For many businesses the key is to first sit down with a professional and look at what digital marketing channels are actually worth investing in.

You may have spent hours trying to win on Twitter without really considering if your customers are likely to engage with you there. 427 will take time to understand your business and then look at who your customers and potential customers are. Once this is done we can create a plan that only involves the channels and types of media these people actually use and avoid wasted time and money in other areas.

Real clients, real results

We pride ourselves on delivering real measurable results for our clients. View our case studies to find out how we helped.

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