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What are the benefits of SEO?

When people want to find a product, service, place to eat or pretty much anything at all they go to a search engine. It is a simple fact of the modern business that being on the first page of the search results means getting traffic, enquires and customers. We help businesses to understand the processes , create a strategy and implement the right SEO tactics to get results. Ranking well for the right terms can change a business forever!

Search Engines

Search engines use mathematical algorithms to calculate how relevant any given page is in relation to the search term someone is typing in. It really is that simple so to rank well a page needs to be more relevant than every other page on the internet.

When people in SEO talk about results they are really only referring to Google. There are other search engines but the usage is is small; Bing and yahoo combined only account for around 30% of all searches and many would quote less. To this end general SEO means ranking well on Google, but the other search engines tend to copy Google so any results tend to be mirrored.

SEO is NOT a Dark Art

Search engine optimisation is certainly one of the digital marketing options that seems to be the most mysterious to many businesses. Often it is the people that provide this as a service that seem to perpetuate this myth. It is all too common to not disclose the type of work they do for clients each month so they are able to charge large amounts of money to businesses hoping to reach the top of the rankings.

What they often deliver is not quite what the client hoped for. Some low quality providers simply get the client ranking well for terms that are not very popular and so do not drive any traffic or new business in. Others just don't understand the intent of some terms and get good rankings but the wrong kind of traffic. There are of course many SEO providers that just don't keep up with Google or do valuable work.
We are passionate about clarity and client understanding of what we do and we are also passionate about delivering meaningful, measurable results!

How SEO Really Works

SEO is a complex process but the aims and major factors involved are not. What makes it something most businesses are not able to do is the time it takes to work and making sure all SEO work is done within Google’s guidelines as well as understanding the wide range of factors involved and how to apply changes without causing major problems. There is a huge amount of SEO information available online, much of it is out of date and by implementing this advice a business could see themselves losing ground in the rankings and not gaining it.

SEO takes time…a lot of time; this is the reality of the process. There are no guarantees either, with so many factors effecting rankings including what Google themselves do and what the multitude of competitors do the results will be constantly changing and getting to the top can be a long slog. We are very open and honest about the process but make no mistake; SEO is one of, if not the most powerful marketing channel out there and brings an amazing ROI to those businnesses who choose the right provider and budget.

The tools we use

Below are the 4 typical tools we use to create and build SEO campaigns for our clients, depending on your goals we may use alternative methods.

If you want your website to be found online, keyword research is essential. If people are searching for anything that’s relevant to your business, we want you to be found for those keywords.

Keyword research involves identifying the terms your audience is searching for and providing content that satisfies their needs. By targeting keywords that are relevant to your business, we can drive relevant traffic to your site.

Many agencies only allow clients 10 keywords, we research them all and work our way through as many as the client needs to get results.

Benefits of keyword research

  • Targeting SEO efforts towards terms that people actually use
  • Generating meaningful traffic not just rankings for the sake of it
  • Learn more about your business and how people look for what you offer
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There is no point in having all the right keywords and content if your site doesn't work properly. Technical SEO is in part making sure your site functions for the user but also making sure it functions in a way Google can understand it and rank it accordingly. This side of SEO can seem a little mysterious but we are always happy to explain exactly what we do with the time you pay us for!

Benefits of Technical SEO

  • Improving your website performance and how Google views and ranks your site.
  • Adding additional tools that can mean your site ranks higher and the listings can look more enticing too.
  • Getting to the bottom of legacy issues that may have been holding your site back for years.
  • Staying ahead of the competition through our technical experience and know how.
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In order for a website to be considered strong Google, has always and, will always use links from other websites as a means to measure it's value. However, one link is not the same as any other. Bad quality links will do no good and possibly a lot of harm. creating 100s of links in one go will get you into trouble as will a number of other practices. Link building must be done carefully, organically and by experienced people. Great content, great PR and a lot of hard work is the way to go...or just let us do it for you.

Benefits of Link Building

  • Build the authority of your domain.
  • Maintain and build your rankings without risk of a penalty when done correctly.
  • Increase the value of your website and domain over time.
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Content is, and always will be King. You simply must have great content if you want to rank well on Google. But great content is more than just some keywords and good grammar. Content must be carefully curated with sub headings, technical info, readable paragraphs, calls to action and so much more. Content is the means by which we convert keywords into rankings and then conversions.

Benefits of Content Creation

  • A website users and Google understand, like and engage with.
  • Pages that communicate products and services properly and convert better.
  • Better Google results.
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