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Everyone needs SEO. Well, almost everyone.

This is not some kind of self-promotion rant, so don’t worry. It is, however, something we have come to notice over our many years in the search industry. The use of search engines is now so ubiquitous that it is critical for almost every type of business to rank well on said search engines. Ignoring how the vast majority of potential customers and clients look for services makes no sense at all, yet it happens every day.

What to rank for?

Brand is obviously important; ranking for your own business name is a no brainer. However, in some cases, there are similar names or brands in other countries that can make this tricky. So even at a basic level, every business needs to be well optimised for their own brand.

Key services and products are the really big area in which SEO is important. It’s hard to think of many businesses that would not want to rank well either locally, nationally or internationally for the key products and services they offer. To this end, SEO really is something everyone needs.There can’t be many business owners that do not see the value in coming up in searches for what they do.

Industry information and thought leadership is an area in which things can be a little less clear, but no less important. If you offer a professional service like accountancy, it’s logical that you would also like to rank well for searches around associated problems and information searches. Not only could this drive new leads but it could also help cement your brand as an industry leader and a trusted business. SEO is not just about ranking for yourmain service type, it's about ranking well right across the spectrum of related searches and search terms.

There are a few exceptions

There are some business types and sectors that really won’t benefit from SEO, and we are the first to admit that when we are approached by a prospective client to whom this applies.

Where SEO doesn’t work is where the offering is so unique that people don’t look for it or anything related to it. If, for instance, you have a new invention that solves an old problem, then we can help you rank for people searching for the solution and not your specific type of product. But in some cases, what’s on offer is just so niche that the odds of ranking are too low. There are 1000s of agencies out there that will take your money even if this is the situation, but we would not.

Shall we agree on 99% of businesses need SEO?

OK, so it’s not all businesses, but it is almost all of them. Whether you sell £1 pens or £1m cars, ranking at the top of search engines like Google for the exact products and services you offer is important. Ranking for wider topical content that shows that you are the best,and that you know your industry, is also critical in building a truly powerful business. On top of that, we also need to make sure that you rank top for your brand as well. This applies whether you run a local business or a global one;being at the top of Google matters for 99% of all businesses, no matter what they do.

How can 427 help your SEO?

If you need help with your websites SEO, whether it be high quality blog content or assistance with backlinking, then simply get in touch with us today and a member of the tea will be on hand to help!

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About Chris Simmons

Chris is our onpage SEO Specialist at 427 Marketing, having joined the team in early 2023. He works with our content team to cover the 4 pillars of SEO; content, onpage SEO, technical SEO and offpage SEO. Prior to joining the 427 Marketing team, Chris spent almost 10 years applying his SEO and content skills across several different industries in marketing agency and inhouse roles including tool hire, auctioneering, health care within the NHS and high end luxury retail in both B2B and B2C capacities. His passion for writing, content, UX, technical and on page SEO has expanded our content offerings, helping provide reliable advice about all things SEO to 427 Marketing.

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