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Ethos and Process

Clarity and honesty is at the heart of everything we do. We know the SEO world is rife with under qualified people claiming they can deliver the world and utterly unable to deliver anything but costs. We love what we do and we believe in delivery a great service with clarity and integrity. We never hide what we do, if it is complicated we will take the time to explain. We report the bad as well as the good because in reality there are some occasions when things move down as well as up temporarily. We enjoy engaging with our clients and we are happy to offer coaching to empower in house teams to start doing some SEO themselves.

Our process is simple:

We begin by finding out what your business needs, what work has been done in the past and what your goals are.

We then research how people search for what you offer, we audit your website and those of competitors and build up a picture of what is required.

The final step is to plan and implement the range of things we know your site needs. This is then an ongoing process. So, initially it could be a range of technical repairs to bring your site inline with best practice. We may then begin link building, creating new pages, optimising content and more. We will keep doing this month after month focussing on areas we feel need work and looking at the ongoing results in order to inform our next set of tasks. Overtime the results will show increased rankings, traffic and most importantly, conversions!

Our process

Our process

At 427 we know every client is unique, that’s why we created our three step process that results in an easy to understand, unique digital strategy plan to help grow your business.

1. Initial Consultation

Starting with a comprehensive one-to-one consultation, we explore your business marketing goals. We examine your current strategy to determine areas of improvement and use that information to begin our in-depth research & audit.

2. Research & Audit

After finding out more about your business we embark on a detailed audit of your current activity, your website and the ways in which people seek out your products or services. We also review competitor behaviour and much more. This process is key to any campaign and strategy.

3. Delivery

Having audited both your website, competitors and customer behaviour we build a strategy and launch your campaign. We use a wide range of tactics and processes as well as reporting software and analytics depending on what your business needs to get ahead as fast as possible.

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We pride ourselves on delivering real measurable results for our clients. View our case studies to find out how we helped.

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