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All our courses are bespoke but that doesn’t mean they cost the earth – Prices start from £300 and could change your business forever. If you are a small business or a start up you may simply not have the budget to pay for ongoing SEO and marketing support. We know how it is, we know that the owner is often the head of marketing, head of accounts and often everything else too. Our courses can be just enough to get a business owner started down the SEO path and allow them to get some meaningful work done in the time they have. As the business progresses we can deliver more courses to train new team memeber and more.

What do your marketing and SEO courses offer?

Well first of all they are jargon free, and if they contain jargon it is only to help people understand common terms that are used in the industry. The courses are all about starting from wherever the current knowledge level of the business is. The aim is to shed some light on the processes of SEO and digital marketing and give your business some tools to move forward and implement useful changes.

By giving you and your business some understanding of how SEO and digital marketing works we believe we can show you enough for you to start doing some successful SEO work on your own without feeling you have to pay an outside agency.

We teach basic SEO skills including

  • How find the right keywords for your business
  • How to implement these terms onto your website
  • How to create good content
  • Basic link building principles
  • How to actually get links on a budget
  • Blogging and its SEO value
  • Internal links and how to use them
  • Local SEO – Google My Business and more
  • What NOT to do! Avoiding common mistakes and understanding them

We teach digital marketing skills including

  • Which social media channels suit your business
  • What to post and when
  • Basic paid social media marketing
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Reviewing existing marketing activity
  • General marketing tips and ideas

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427 Managing Director, Ade Holder comes from a background including training both sales teams and businesses in digital marketing. We know a lot of people feel like they don’t know anything and may even be a bit scared of the digital world. We also know lots of businesses have really keen people who just need some guidance.

Get in touch today and book your course – each course can be tailored to your business needs and costed according to budget.

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