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As of the 21st October 2022, Google’s new spam update has been rolled out – less than 48 hours after it started. Google released this update globally and it affects all languages. But what will this mean for your website?

What Are Spam Updates?

Spam updates focus on removing results from search results that use bad practices that come across as spammy which may not be legitimate or safe. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

- Clickbait titles with content that doesn’t serve the purpose of the page.

- Keyword stuffing that makes content hard to read.

- ‘Cloaking’ content where different content is shown to Google and the user.

Google’s automated systems that detect spam are constantly operating, however, Google occasionally makes improvements to how they work. This is referred to as a spam update. SpamBrain is Google’s AI-based spam prevention system that constantly looks for spammy content. It is occasionally improved so that it is better at spotting spam and preventing users from seeing it.

Although Google hasn’t revealed much about the ins and outs of this particular update, following their helpful content update that rolled out in August this year, we can predict that the spam algorithms are updated to better serve the user’s intent.

Will My Website Be Affected?

If you notice a change in your rankings or traffic following the spam update, we recommend reviewing Google’s spam policies to ensure your site is complying. Sites that are in breach of Google’s policies will be penalised by lower search results, or not appearing in search results at all.

Keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms and updates to make sure your site remains unscathed can be exhausting, so why not let us take it off your hands? If you think your site may have been affected by Google’s October 2022 spam update, get in touch with us now.

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