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Networking is not for everyone, in fact organised networking can often strike fear and dread into the hearts of even the most successful people. There is just something so awkward about it. It tends to fall into two separate types. The first is networking where most people actually know each other already which makes it very hard for new people to join. The second is the very awkward forced networking where everyone is new and you end up stuck talking to someone you will never be able to do business with because they are in a totally different sector. Well, thanks to the Brighton SEO folk a new type of networking event has come to our attention; mountain biking!


The idea behind this cunning plan is that people will be busy riding bikes and this takes the awkwardness out of traditional meetings. By having some common ground everyone automatically has something to talk about. This will open up conversations that will no doubt then lead to work discussions and some new contacts being made. By removing the meeting for meetings sake idea people will actually find it easier to…well meet!


The Brighton SEO lot have also planned a Kayaking event later in the year and a Paddle board one too! and from there the possibilities are endless! Historically a lot of networking was done on the golf course and for good reason. But since then many groups have removed the central activity and just left the whole process seeming rather painful in many cases.


If you have not been it is certainly worth a visit! There are a certain number of free tickets available very early on so it is important to sign up to the site for updates so you do not miss out. You can choose from a wide range of talks and there are lots of companies there offering software and agency style work. Are we going to be there? Yes we are but rather than booking a stand to sell everyone our lovely services we will be in the crowds, learning, getting the latest ideas and news and then rushing home to implement it all for our lovely clients; we felt this might be a more useful way to approach the event this year.

If you would like to meet up and you are going to the next event then drop us an e mail and we can grab a drink of some sort and have a chat!

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