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Three years marks the 3rd member of the team and a sustained period of growth for 427 after successfully joining The Creative Group

Three years ago, I set up 427 Marketing as a freelance SEO and Marketing consultant. What started as a personal “freedom project” began to expand, and since then we have tripled in size! The growth in demand for SEO has grown exponentially since we first started, and since joining the Creative Group in March, it has allowed us to grow even more from a business perspective and to take on new clients. Now, on the 3rd birthday of 427 Marketing, I am excited to announce the latest member of our team, Tom Baker!

Tom will be joining us as an SEO and PPC executive, helping us to support new and existing clients with their SEO and marketing campaigns. Before working with us, Tom started out as a trainee developer in another agency. During that time, though, he quickly fell in love with SEO and PPC and decided to move away from the developer world.

Since then, Tom has taken the lead on client campaigns, helping with marketing, support and more. Thanks to his passion for SEO and love of learning, Tom has helped to run several successful Google ads and local SEO campaigns and has managed over a dozen accounts ranging over all areas of digital marketing. This includes organic SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and more! As a keen learner, Tom has also dabbled in several other fields, including recently finishing a carpentry course and learning Spanish!

Tom is such a welcome addition to the team, and we are so excited to have him on board. We actually wanted to start working with him a few months ago, but unfortunately, COVID-19 arrived, and it was a time to be careful. As it turned out, we actually got busier and had two record months through lockdown, so Tom’s arrival is very welcomed indeed!

Tom will allow us to spend more time learning and working on new cutting-edge techniques as well as just giving us some headroom to take a lunch break now and then! PHEW!

In 3 years, we have tripled in size, but the real growth has been in the last 12 months, including (and probably most notably) during the pandemic. We are so excited to be growing, and we are already looking forward to our next team member coming on board…Sorry Tom, you may not be the new guy for very long!

It is such an exciting time for us at the 427 team. We love helping businesses grow while growing ourselves, and we look forward to an even bigger future as we work with the Creative Group. We are happy to help anyone who needs it if we feel they need it. We offer training courses, consulting, strategy or the full package including implementation right down to content, page creation, link building and more!

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